Reggae Month was officially proclaimed and first staged in 2008, spearheaded by the Ministry of Culture and powered by the Jamaican Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA). The focus of Reggae Month is “edutainment”, highlighting Jamaica’s musical history and heritage. The annual celebration has been a huge success, attracting on average 40,000 attendees each year. This success is made possible by the overwhelming support of media partners and music industry practitioners, in addition to dedicated government and corporate sponsors who share the Reggae Month vision. The goal of Reggae Month is to attract international acclaim for Jamaica as the reggae mecca of the world, enhance travel and tourism for the month of February, and provide an educational platform of entertainment for all ages.



February is the month were we celebrate Reggae Music and black history . This year we are celebrating all things reggae which includes  the prince of Reggae “Dennis Brown” and  the legendary Bob Marley just to name a few. On February 6, 2020 Jamaica saw people from all over the world came to celebrate  the legendary Bob 75th Birthday . I must say this is a good look for the island of reggae (Jamaica). Reggae music have come a long way. From being persecuted to celebrated.  Let us not forget the history of our music. Happy Reggae Month.