Music soothes the mind,’ the thought of many but the testimony of Lyvely.

Born Ordel Stewart in Portland Jamaica, Lyvely’s love for music was evident from as early as age 3. In his father’s words ‘anywhere the radio was Ordel was there knocking and dancing. At age thirteen he penciled his first song under the influence and guidance of his cousin (Intellect, one of Portland’s most prolific artistes).


At fifteen Ordel began operating his father’s sound system, at this tender age it was clear to many that he was a star in the making. Described as ‘simply lively’ by patrons, the name Lively Guyvie (now Lyvely) was most fittingly acquired. While attending Titchfield High School Lyvely was always the one ‘beating riddims’ on the desk as his friends fitted rhymes to them. (Unknown to most of his peers that he too had potent vocal and lyrical qualities)


Lyvely began appearing on stages in and around Portland, these helped him to gain confidence as he swiftly mastered the craft. In college he was easily picked as one of the ‘baddest’ deejays to grace the Mico. With his witty lyrics and commanding sound he rocked parties and concerts and won musical competitions throughout his tenure.


Lyvely is yet to realize the big break, but continues to strive on his musical journey to success. In 2008/09, he was introduced to Fleximus Prime Productions from Netherland and recorded four singles; jah jah guide mi, sawka, guh look a girl and the reprisal.


Over the years Lyvely has done work with various international and local producers such as: Downtown Paris Records (France) Vibes Creation Label (New York) and Fleximus Prime from Netherland. Locally, he recently released his debut EP album titled Rebel Steppin comprising five songs produced by Lampshade Muzic from Lluisdasvale in St Catherine. His latest single ‘Even If’ produced by Lampshade Muzic is catchy and displays his outstanding lyrical skills and is already creating a buzz on the streets.


A spiritual Rastafarian, an educator, an artiste of extraordinary writing and performing talent.


World look out for Lyvely the ‘Rebel Steppa’..

‘Lyve and shockin… Nuh grounds…Dont mek nuh wrong move… ’!!